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Welcome to Beth El Synagogue

Beth El Synagogue is a welcoming spiritual resource for life-long egalitarian Conservative Jewish living. We provide education, religious services, celebrations of life-cycle events and support for our 450 plus member families. Beth El welcomes interfaith families, couples and individuals of all races, heritages, ethnicities and sexual orientations. We understand Jewish spirituality is a shared journey from which no one should be excluded.

As summer comes to an end, we have some upcoming programs you won’t want to miss. On Thursday, August 17, we’ll screen the movie Deli Man and enjoy a Deli lunch with the Chesed Committee. Inclusion Specialist Ed Frim will speak at Beth El on August 25-26, and USY will enjoy Slow-ach & S’mores at the Krausman home on August 26.  The Women’s Book Group will meet on Monday, August 28, and Pulitzer Prize winning Columnist Bret Stephens will speak on Tuesday, August 29, in a joint Beth El Synagogue/AIPAC event.

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