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Welcome to Beth El Synagogue

Beth El Synagogue is a welcoming spiritual resource for life-long egalitarian Conservative Jewish living. We provide education, religious services, celebrations of life-cycle events and support for our 450 plus member families. Beth El welcomes interfaith families, couples and individuals of all races, heritages, ethnicities and sexual orientations. We understand Jewish spirituality is a shared journey from which no one should be excluded.

On Monday, July 9, the Women’s Book Group will meet at the home of Eden Osrovich. We invite all who love to bake to come help us fill our freezers during Beth El Baking Days, July 10-11. On Thursday, July 12, the Shanghai group will get together for their monthly game day, and on Wednesday, July 18, the Beth El Cine-gogue will feature Blazing Saddles. Tisha B’Av services will take place on July 21-22. USY on Wheels will be coming to Omaha on Tuesday, July 31. Please let Rabbi Abraham know if you are able to host some teens that night. And be sure to save the date for Rabbi Levi Lauer, our Scholar-in-Residence who will be in Omaha on August 23-25.

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