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Summary of Cemetery Regulations

Approved by Beth El Board November 19, 2008

1. Purchasers of lots shall receive a “deed”, signed by the President and Cemetery Committee Chairman.

2. No person, not even a member of the immediate family (spouse and children) of a lot owner, may be buried in a lot without the written consent of the owner being first deposited with the Cemetery. Such person must meet the requirements for burial, as described in these regulations. However, no such consent shall be valid or accepted by the Cemetery if the owner sells or transfers the lot, whether for money, property or other item of value or not.

3. The sale of lots or portions of lots by owners is not permitted, except to the Cemetery. The original owner (s) may sell lots back to the Cemetery for the amount originally paid by the owner.

4. Only the remains of persons of the Jewish faith may be interred. Questions as to burial rights in the cemetery shall be determined by the Rabbi. Determination of a person to be buried shall be in the sole jurisdiction of the Rabbi.

5. All funerals will be conducted with the dignity and simplicity required by Jewish tradition. These traditions include the use of shrouds and wooden coffins. Procedures offensive to the spirit of Judaism (such as embalming and related procedures) will be permitted only where required by civil law. The burial of cremated remains will not be allowed.

6. The digging of graves is not included in the cost of lots and a charge is to be made for this service.

7. Markers shall be uniform throughout of the cemetery, and the cost of the marker will be included in the burial charges by the Cemetery.

8. Graves will not be opened for inspection after interment, except for official investigation.

9. To prevent injury to adjoining lots and to preserve the general beauty of the grounds, no tress, shrubs, flowers or enclosures shall be planted or constructed without permission of the Cemetery.

10. Artificial flowers are not permitted in the cemetery.

11. Watering will be done only by the caretaker.

12. The gate must be closed upon leaving the cemetery.