Today is April 25, 2018 -

Participant Responsibilities

1) You will be contacted 2 weeks prior to your program date by your host. If you have not heard anything, please contact us.

2) Your host will ask you to bring one item to the meal: Kosher wine, Kosher juice, challah, salad with pareve kosher dressing, or fruit.

a. Kosher wine can be found at Bag & Save, Trader Joes or Costco (look for brands such as Baron Herzog, Bartenura, or Manischewitz).

b. Kosher juice can be found in your grocery (look for a kosher symbol). For grape juice, look for the Kedem brand in the kosher section.

c. Kosher challah can be purchased at the Bagel Bin or at the Blumkin Home on Fridays during lunchtime.

d. Kosher salad dressing can be purchased at your grocery. Look for a symbol indicating it is kosher and pareve (common kosher pareve salad dressing include: Newman’s Own Golden Italian or French dressings).

3) Show up and have a great time!