Today is June 19, 2019 -

Celebrating Strong Jewish Women

by Amy Dworin, Director of Youth Engagement

April is a big month for celebrating strong Jewish women. Not only are the contributions of women prevalent throughout the Passover story, but April 11 is my mom’s birthday! It also happens to be the birthday of Beth El institution and local celebrity, Eadie Tsabari. It’s fitting that both women have the same birthday because since arriving in Omaha, Eadie has served as a surrogate mother to me. Just like my real mom, Eadie takes care of me when I’m sick, makes sure I have someplace to go for Shabbat, treats me to nights out, surprise presents and delicious meals, and asks prying questions about my personal life that I refuse to answer. For the last three years, Eadie has made sure that I have a home base here in Omaha. While being the recipient of her welcoming spirit, generosity and care may make me feel special, it is the same treatment that she extends to all of her “kids”—whether they are her biological children, kids of her friends, random people she meets off the street and decides to take in or students who are lucky enough to learn from her. Eadie’s passion and skill for community building are unparalleled and an integral part of Beth El.

A perfect example of the warm environment Eadie creates can be felt every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday and Sunday mornings. The love Eadie exudes is perceptible just by walking through the halls of her school and has created an educational community where teaching, learning, growth and friendship are paramount values. Only Eadie could make locking kids in a synagogue seem like something appealing to kids and parents. And while I still haven’t forgiven her for making me sleep over at our “Shul-Ins” I can’t begrudge her this. Beth El kids have unprecedented love for this building, this community and for Jewish learning and that is all because of HaMorah Edit.

Eadie knows every person who walks into Beth El by name and probably also knows what their grandparents did for a living and what year their family settled in Omaha. She runs the Chesed Committee with heart. Her work has mobilized other members of our community to celebrate births, care for the sick and the aged, and honor the deceased and the mourners alongside her. There is no part of Beth El life that Eadie Tsabari has not touched.

April 26 is the birthday of Lisa Marcus. I had the privilege of working with Lisa for two years when she ran the school committee. She is the reason that the Kol is beautiful, accurate and delivered on time, despite the fact that I never make deadlines. She keeps our website up-to-date, proofreads everything I write and is a very talented singer.

Happy birthday and thank you to these strong women, they really are the BESTT around. And if this is the way I talk about my colleagues, imagine how I speak about my own mother!

Happy birthday, may you live to be 120!