Today is August 24, 2019 -

Nominating Committee Presents New Slate

Our 2019-2020 nominating committee, chaired by Jim Zipursky, has announced the slate of officers and board members to serve Beth El for the upcoming year.

Officers that will begin the second year of their two-year terms include: President, Jay Gordman; Past-President, Jim Zipursky; Vice Presidents: Bob Belgrade, Adam Kutler, Ari Riekes; Secretary, Susan Witkowski; BESTT Chair, Linda Saltzman; Religious Life Chair, Ari Kohen.

Miriam Gottlieb will serve as Treasurer, filling our open position. Special thanks to Joel Rich who served as Interim Treasurer through the transition.

Nominated for their first two-year terms are: Stan Edelstein and Andy Isaacson.

Nominated to serve their second consecutive two-year terms are: Gary D. Epstein, Hollie Fineman and Melissa Shapiro. Barry Zoob will remain on the board as a presidential appointee.

Our thanks to Cheryl Lerner and Amy Nachman who have completed their terms.

We also want to thank our nominating committee members: Jim Zipursky, Abigail Kutler, Jody Malashock, Daniel Murow, Ari Riekes, Phil Wayne, David A. Weill, Susan Witkowski and Barry Zoob.

The officers and board members will be elected during the annual meeting on June 7 at 5:00 pm. We will also recognize the award winners listed below:

• The Earl Siegel Award to a Board Member – Ari Kohen
• The Selwyn Roffman Award for Religious Growth – Gary D. Epstein
• The President’s Award to a Non-Board Member – Margie Gutnik
• The Larry DeBruin Award for Service to Beth El – Joel Rich