Today is June 19, 2019 -

The More You Participate, The More You Belong

by Jay Gordman. President, Board of Trustees

Last spring, we had a rabbi from USCJ visit, and during his presentation he used the phrase, “The more you participate, the more you belong.”

This line has stuck with me the past year. As we were developing our goals for this year, we knew that tackling the challenge of engagement had to be at the top of our list.

This focus on engagement couldn’t simply be more programs and new events and activities. We needed to add a person to our team who could enhance our relationships with you, our congregants. The person filling this role has to be able to help build connections between our congregants and with Beth El.

It has been a very slow process, but patience has paid off!

I would like to welcome our new Engagement Coordinator, Robby Erlich, to the Beth El team.

Robby is a native of Minneapolis and has a strong background in conservative Judaism, including being a day school student and moving on to roles as a youth director and as a Jewish Federation campaign associate. We not only get to welcome Robby, but also his wife, Andrea, and son Jonah.

While his background is great, his personality and drive are what really excited the people who met with Robby when he visited Omaha. Robby is very easy to get to know, and after a few minutes, it feels like you have known him for years.

While Robby was visiting, I had the opportunity to give him a tour of Omaha. Over the 90 minutes or so we spent together, I truly had the opportunity to get to know Robby and the character he will bring to us at Beth El. When I dropped him off at the hotel, I felt I had known him for a long time.

In his role, he is going to spend quite a bit of time meeting with you and getting to know your interests. His role is way beyond planning a program or an event, it is all about helping our congregants create stronger connections to our Beth El Community.

When you see Robby, his wife Andrea or their son Jonah, give them a fantastic Beth El welcome. More importantly, when Robby calls to have coffee or to get you involved in a program, say yes! Like I wrote at the beginning of this article, “The more you participate, the more you belong.”