Today is September 17, 2019 -

Mazel Tov to our 2019 Teen Award Winners

Seth Rich “Woodie” Emerging Leader Award – Ethan Finkelstein
The Seth Rich “Woodie” Emerging Leader Award is given to an outstanding USYer who shows exceptional leadership qualities. Ethan has worked tirelessly on programming, shown abundant enthusiasm and taken leadership roles when asked. Seth Rich loved everything USY, and he would have been very proud of Ethan.

Jack Molad Ruach Award – Sophia Mavropoulos, Brittney Clignett & Julia Weill
The Jack Molad Ruach award was created to identify the USYers who have shown tremendous energy and excitement towards USY and Judaism. These girls are being awarded this honor for their never-ending enthusiasm for everything Beth El – BILU, Shabbat activities, Shabbatonim, Junior Congregation, Kamp KEF, all youth programming and much more. They always have smiles on their faces and make a lot of noise wherever they go. They love to work with the younger kids and always have a positive attitude, and represent Jack Molad well.

Joe Ginsberg Mensch Award – Tristan Newman
Created in 1992, the Joe Ginsberg award is given to a USYer who shows the same type of “MENSCHisms” as Joe Ginsberg did when he was Youth Director at Beth El. Tristan has been active from the first day he stepped foot into USY. He has worked with children of all ages at BESTT, Shabbatonim, and with the Kadimaniks, the most important members of our youth group. He is always willing to help out whenever asked and is a great example of a Mensch.

Helen and Joe Fishel Memorial Award – Hannah Stein
This award is given in honor of Helen and Joe Fishel, parents of Eadie Fishel Tsabari. Helen and Joe Fishel were Holocaust survivors and came to Omaha after the war in 1947. They were dedicated parents, hard-working business owners and absolutely loved children and everything Jewish. This honor is given to a student who has shown that determination and hard work can help you achieve anything you set your mind to. Hannah is tenacious and really has a love for everything Jewish. Helen & Joe would be very proud of her.

A.B. and Freeda Gendler Award for Devotion to Synagogue and Judaism – Lauren Kirk
Lauren was chosen for this high honor by the Beth El Synagogue professional staff because of her attendance at Hebrew High, her high level of participation in USY and her contribution and leadership to our youth. She has worked hard to elevate herself as a leader among her peers. She has planned a multitude of programs, using her talents to expand our teen youth programming, and she has inspired younger kids throughout her time at Beth El. We appreciate all that Lauren has done for us and wish her well next year in college and always.