Today is January 18, 2020 -

Taking Learning Out of the Classroom

by Amy Dworin

As an educator, I truly believe that learning can take place anywhere. Case in point, the garden in the backyard of Beth El, lovingly named the

Garden of Eadie, which was a Kamp KEF project. Sure, we’ve got zucchini and more tomatoes than we know what to do with, but we also have corn, sunflowers and even strawberries! As much fun as it has been for us to watch the plants grow from seedlings, it has been even more fun watching the kids watch the garden grow. Not only are our
kids learning about gardening, patience, and caring for the earth, but they are also getting a crash course in brachot each time they enjoy the literal fruits of their labor.

Experiences like these are what makes our school so special. Whether it is learning about consent from a leading expert in the field of adolescent sexuality with USY, or saying the right blessing over a strawberry that was grown at Kamp KEF, our kids are learning about ways to find meaning and Jewish values in everything that they do. The more that we re-think education and take the learning out of the traditional classroom setting, the more relatable and accessible our lessons become, and the more likely our kids are to carry Judaism with them in the long term. With that in mind, I am looking forward to another year pushing boundaries with BESTT, USY and Hebrew High.