Today is February 21, 2020 -

It’s Purim Season for USY

by Amy Dworin, Director of Youth Engagement

I teach many skills in my role at Beth El. I have organized Sex Ed classes, preached the importance of good personal hygiene (to limited results), and demonstrated how to not be an awkward weirdo (also with varying results). Every winter I assemble all the telephones in Beth El and teach the students how to talk on the phone. We start with basic skills, like using buttons rather than a touch screen, and then move on to more advanced strategies like introducing oneself to the person who is being called and saying “thank you” at the end of the call. The training of these Teenage Telemarketers can only mean one thing…it’s Purim Season!

In addition to learning the basics of telephone usage, the planning of the Purim Carnival is full of learning opportunities for our teens. The teens control every aspect of the carnival from deciding the menu to reaching out to businesses and congregants for donations to setting up the building and running all the booths. It takes an incredible amount of organization and helps the teens realize the way their actions (or inactions) can impact the entire group. They know that the money earned from the carnival helps support their programs and convention scholarships, so they are willing to work hard even when some of the tasks are not fun.

Planning a large event like the Purim Carnival allows our teens to see the ways that their community supports them and the ways that they can support their community. Through reaching out to businesses, they learn the role that local businesses play within the community and recognize the importance of supporting those who support them. Last year, the teens opted to donate a portion of their profits to help support the flood relief efforts in Nebraska. With the help of Officer Tim, they were able to see the impact that their donation had.

We are so grateful for all of the ways you have supported our teens in the past and all of Bilu is looking forward to seeing you at the Purim Carnival this year on Sunday, March 8.