Today is January 19, 2019 -


Beth El strives to provide diverse programming and services for all of our congregants, and we couldn’t do it without help from our dedicated volunteers. Below is a list of our committees and their chairs. Feel free to contact them if you have questions or want to learn about volunteer opportunities. If the chair does not have an email link, please send your inquiry to our Executive Director.

  • Adult EducationLeonard Greenspoon
    Identifying needs and advising the Director of Congregational Learning to address the educational needs of each segment of our adult population.
  • BESTTLisa Marcus, 402-334-9046
    Setting policy and advising the Director of Congregational Learning for Beth El Synagogue Talmud Torah (BESTT) and Youth Activities.
  • Budget – Jay Gordman, 402-933-9443
    Prepare a budget with staff recommendations for each fiscal year, based on anticipated expenses and revenue. Monitor income and expense on a monthly basis. Make recommendations and projections for the long-term needs of the synagogue.
  • Building & GroundsPhil Wayne, 402-933-1521  
    Monitor synagogue maintenance and upkeep, make recommendations for improvements/repairs, and identify long-range capital needs.
  • BylawsJoel Rich, 402-639-7768  
    Review and recommend changes to the bylaws as needed.
  • Chesed CommitteeEadie Tsabari, 402-492-8550  
    Extend special assistance to those individuals/families who find they need some additional assistance from time to time.
  • Cemetery CommitteeBruce Kutler, 402-916-9798  
    Arrange for adequate care and upkeep of the synagogue cemetery, including maintaining financial operation, maps, records and long-term planning.
  • Dues Review/ CollectionJay Gordman, 402-630-5440
    Review dues requests; make recommendations for dues categories, adjustments, and increases; and collect delinquent dues.
  • EngagementCaryn Scheer, 402-614-2721
    Welcome newcomers and non-affiliated members of the community and acquaint them with various aspects of the synagogue, deliver new member welcome baskets, develop new ideas for the first year of membership, and encourage congregants to bring new and prospective members to synagogue events.
  • FundraisingAlan Parsow, 402-289-3211 
    Oversee and coordinate all major fund raising activities. Identify members who have the capacity for major support of Beth El, solicit special donations for long term financial giving, explore possibilities for increasing income, recruit volunteers to lead fundraising efforts, set annual fundraising goals and activities.
  • InvestmentNorman Veitzer, 402-333-3719
    Manage investment policy to ensure that the Beth El investment portfolio is invested prudently to produce a maximum total return with minimal risk. Ensure that the portfolio is diversified and work closely with the professional portfolio managers to ensure these investment objectives are attained.
  • KeruvGlen Fineman, 402-496-4301
    Sub-committee of the Religious Life committee. The committee will be aware of different demographics within our congregation to ensure that we are being as open and welcoming as possible, while still being following the traditions of a Conservative synagogue.
  • KitchenHoward Shandell, 402-333-7226  
    Ensure that the kitchen maintains required standards of cleanliness, sanitation, safety and Kashrut. Help review financial operations of kitchen. Work with Kitchen Manager to increase opportunities for greater utilization of Beth El facilities for catered events.
  • Life & Legacy – Joel Rich, 402-639-7768
  • MarketingBarry Zoob   
    Brainstorm activities, events and publications that position Beth El positively with current and prospective members, and within the local Omaha Jewish and non-Jewish community.
  • Membership Recruitment – Open
    Identifies and recruits new congregants
  • Men’s Club – TBA
  • Our Shabbat TablesMelissa Shapiro
  • Patron Members –  Jim Zipursky, 402-445-0802
    Identify and contact congregants who are potential patron candidates.
  • Personnel PracticiesBob Yaffe
    Develop HR materials and procedures for Beth El
  • Religious LifeAri Kohen
    Ensure that the religious nature of the congregation is a priority and recommend steps to heighten commitment, and provide education about Jewish worship, synagogue religious practices, and the Conservative approach. Develop recommendations to changes in practices and procedures as the need arises.
  • ScholarshipLisa Marcus, 402-334-9046  
    Set policy and disburse Jewish Service Grants to Beth El students to attend approved Jewish summer camps or Israel experiences, determine allocations and program parameters, and support fundraising efforts.
  • Security – Ophir Palmon, 402-597-6842  
    Review all security checklists, procedures and guidelines to ensure Beth El Synagogue has adequate procedures in place to respond to all natural disasters and security threats.  Work closely with local law enforcement and the ADL to ensure that Beth El Synagogue remains protected from all known threats identified by any of these agencies.
  • SisterhoodLinda Fischer
  • Social ActionKarla and David Cohen, 402-896-9407  
    Initiate programs that respond to humanitarian issues and causes, and initiate and plan social action and community service programs. Involve congregants in a variety of programs.
  • Strategic PlanningAri Riekes, 402-558-3511  
    Work with synagogue professionals and board members to determine Beth El’s long-term goals and identify a course of action towards meeting these goals.
  • Technology – Ben Shapiro, 402-934-4148  
    Develops policies and procedures to ensure appropriate guidelines are followed by all computer users. Ensure that all software is maintained and current, and that all hardware needs are addressed in support of synagogue operations.
  • USYAmy Dworin, 402-492-8550
  • Young AdultsAbby and Adam Kutler, 402-502-3649
    Implement programs and events for congregants and community members in the 21-40 year old age group. Develop and maintain a database of this demographic, engaging in ongoing communications in order to integrate them into different areas of synagogue life.

In addition to the above areas, there are often other volunteer opportunities. Click here if you would like more information about volunteering for Greeting, Baking/Cooking or House (helping with synagogue decor, etc).