Today is April 28, 2017 -

Caring Committee

Beth El Synagogue’s Caring Committee has a corps of volunteers ready to help Beth El members. What can we do?

  • Provide transportation to synagogue events 
  • Chef’s demo at the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home 
  • Visit with residents at the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home
  • Phone or visit members of the congregation
  • Pick up medications at the pharmacy
  • Hang a picture
  • Help write a letter
  • Run to the library
  • Walk your dog
  • Provide general “handyman” services: change a light bulb, unclog a drain, grease a squeaky hinge…
  • And much more!

Could you use a mensch around the house? Would you like a phone call or visit from a mensch? Call the synagogue office and let us know. We’ll match you up with someone who will offer his or her services to you free of charge! 

Interested in joining the Caring Committee? Contact Diane Shandell for more information. 

Our Caring Committee Wants to Make a Connection With You!

Everyone appreciates caring phone calls –especially those who live alone and may not have daily contact with others in the community. There’s nothing like hearing a friendly voice at the other end of the line just calling to check in and say ‘hello,’ and our Caring Committee members are ready to make those caring connections! If you know of a fellow congregant who would appreciate receiving friendly phone calls on a regular basis, please give us a jingle in the synagogue office and let us know. Our strength as a congregation is based on our strong links to each other – let’s make sure that our entire Beth El family stays connected. 

“Mitzvah Meals” Available

Beth El Synagogue’s Caring Committee has meals for any member of the congregation who could use a helping hand with dinner preparation due to illness, accident, birth of a new baby or some other eventuality. Just call the synagogue office or call or e-mail Diane Shandell to arrange for a Mitzvah Meal to be delivered to your home by a Mitzvah Mensch. 

Be a Mensch and Help Us Make Mitzvah Meals!

Have you always dreamed of making deliveries but didn’t want to drive for Domino’s? If you answered “yes,” we’d love to have you help out with our Mitzvah Meals program! Mitzvah meals (made at the synagogue) will be available for congregants who are unable to buy groceries or prepare food for themselves. Our Mitzvah Meals mensches will deliver delicious meals to those in need. If you’re interested in helping out, please contact Diane Shandell.