Today is January 21, 2020 -

Brit Milah & Simchat Bat

[breet mee-LAH] or Bris [briss] means Covenant of Circumcision and takes place eight days after the birth of a boy. [SIM-kha BAHT] means celebration of a Daughter and takes place within the first year of life.

At both ceremonies, a child receives their Hebrew name.

  • Meet with Rabbi Abraham regarding
    • The elements of a Brit Milah (Bris) or Simcha Bat
    • Opportunities for the non-Jewish spouse to participate, e.g. lead readings in English
  • Choose from a selection of English readings, offered by the rabbi, to be read by the non-Jewish parent. Join with your Jewish spouse to bear witness as the mohel [moil], a person who performs Jewish circumcisions, completes the ritual
  • Create your own ceremony for a Simchat Bat, subject to the rabbi’s approval
  • Participate in the selection of the child’s Hebrew name

If the mother is the non-Jewish spouse, our clergy will officiate at the Brit Milah with the understanding that this is the first step in the child’s conversion, to take place a short time after the Bris.

The clergy will gladly officiate at the Simchat Bat after the child’s conversion.