Today is January 22, 2020 -

Death and Mourning

The Rabbi is always available to discuss Jewish burial and mourning practices, and along with the Cantor, is available for comfort and support throughout this difficult time.

The following are ways a non-Jewish person may participate:

  • Deliver a eulogy at the funeral
  • Speak at the religious service at home, Shivah [SHI-vah], or at a memorial service
  • Participate as a pall bearer
  • Participate in the custom of Filling the Grave, the final ritual act of honoring the dead
  • Recite the Mourners’ Kaddish [KAH-dish], memorial prayer, and light a yahrzeit [YAR-tzite], memorial candle, at home during the seven day mourning period and on the anniversary of a loved one’s death

For those who cannot read Hebrew, Beth El Synagaogue will provide the Mourner’s Kaddish prayer transliterated into English.

Burial policy change for non-Jewish spouses and dependent children
On January 8, 2014, the Board of Trustees overwhelmingly approved a change to our synagogue by-laws, allowing non-Jewish spouses and their dependent children to be buried at Beth El Cemetery. In order to maintain our promise to those already buried at Beth El Cemetery, this new policy will apply to a specific section in the Beth El Cemetery expansion. In that section, interfaith couples will be permitted to be buried, in addition to any of our members who choose to be buried there as well.