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Our Shabbat Tables

Fall/Spring 2016-2017
We invite you to join us for another round of Beth El’s popular Shabbat program. Once again we will be matching up families/couples/individuals to share Shabbat meals in each others’ homes. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Click here to register for Our Shabbat Tables. Be sure to select each family member who will be participating. If you are new to ChaverWeb and need assistance logging on, please contact the synagogue office at 402-492-8550.

Upcoming Dates

  • October 4, 2016 – Lunch at Beth El on Day 2 of Rosh Hashanah
  • October 21, 2016
  • November 18, 2016
  • January 20, 2017 – Special session at Beth El
  • March 3, 2017
  • June 2, 2017

Program Details:

1) Sign up to be a participant, and possibly a host too (not required). 

2) Beth El will match people based on shared demographics/interests for up to four Shabbat dinners. How many you participate in is up to you.

3) Beth El will provide the main course, side dishes, and dessert; as a host, all you have to do is pick up the food! As a guest, you’ll just be asked to bring one item: wine, juice; challah, salad or fruit.

Host Flexibility

  • Hosts can request families and invite families not in the program
  • Hosts will have the option to cook (Beth El reimburses a portion of the cost)

For participation in the Fall 2016/Spring 2017 round, we’re asking for a one-time payment of $36 per individual or $54 per couple/family, which will help offset the cost for all of the meals. This one time cost includes up to 5 meals! For those signing up for the June session only, the cost is $10 per individual or $18 per couple/family. Financial aid is available. Click here to inquire about financial aid.

Host Responsibilities  

Participant Responsibilities

If you have any questions about Our Shabbat Tables, contact program hosts Caryn Scheer or Melissa Shapiro.

This program is being funded by a generous grant from The Herbert Goldsten Trust of the Jewish Federation of Omaha.