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Our Shabbat Tables

Bringing families together for monthly Shabbat dinners with traditional in-home meals & dining out with “Shabbat on the Town”

Fall/Spring 2018-2019
Our Shabbat Tables is back and stronger than ever! Each month we will be coming together as a community for a Shabbat experience. On four of the Fridays, we will be matching up families/couples/individuals to share traditional Shabbat meals in each others’ homes, as we have in the past. On the other Fridays, we will connect families for a “Shabbat On the Town,” where we will meet up after services for a shared Shabbat dinner at a restaurant.

Upcoming Dates

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Program Details:

Beth El will match people based on shared demographics/interests for Shabbat dinners. Please indicate your preferences. Other young families? Adults only? Variety of ages (recommended!)

Register to be a participant and if possible, a host. Being a host is definitely recommended, but not required.

How many dinners you participate in, is entirely up to you. You can register for Shabbat Tables at homes only, “Shabbat on the Town” only, or a combination.

For Shabbat Tables at homes, Beth El will provide the main course, side dishes, and dessert. As a host, all you have to do is pick up the food and set the table! Hosts are welcome to cook if they prefer, but will need to check if there are any food issues for their guests. Upon registering, guests will indicate if they require Beth El food, and will indicate any allergies or food concerns. This information will be shared with hosts. As a guest, you will be asked to bring one item to dinner: wine, juice; challah, salad or fruit.

For Shabbat on the Town, one individual will be selected to “host,” or organize the dinner. He/she will select the restaurant, coordinate the time with guests, and make a reservation. Each person is responsible for his/her own order and bill.

For any of the dinners, hosts can invite families not registered in the program. We are always looking to expand the program, and encourage you to include others in the Jewish community! Shabbat Tables at Homes: If invited guests have not participated in a Shabbat Tables dinner in the past, there is no charge for their first meal. If they have participated in the past, the cost for one meal is $8/per person 6+.

New members to Beth El (within the last 6 months) are able to participate in the program at no charge! Shabbat dinners are a great way to get to know your new Beth El family!

For participation in the Fall 2018/2019 round, we are asking for a one-time program payment of $36 per individual, $54 per couple, and $72 per family. This is a ONE TIME PROGRAM cost and can include up to all four Shabbat Tables meals at homes! There is no cost to participate in Shabbat on the Town only. We encourage everyone to attend both types of dinners! You can select which dinners you want to attend. We will match the three fall dinners first, and will ask you to check your availability before matching the spring dinners.

Financial aid is available. Click here to inquire about financial aid.

Host Responsibilities  

Participant Responsibilities

If you have any questions about Our Shabbat Tables, contact program host Caryn Scheer.

Click here to register for Our Shabbat Tables. If you are new to ChaverWeb and need assistance logging on, please contact the synagogue office at 402-492-8550.