Today is July 11, 2020 -

Sisterhood: The Miriam Initiative

Beth El Synagogue is excited to present:

The Miriam Initiative will replace Sisterhood as the umbrella concept for women’s programming at Beth El.

Upcoming Events

Women’s Book Group
Monday, August 31
6:30 pm
Zoom link TBA

Honey for the Holidays
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What is the Miriam Initiative?
The Miriam Initiative is a series of ongoing projects and programs created and presented by the women of Beth El Synagogue. No president. No board. No executive committee. No two-year terms. No by-laws. No monthly meetings. Just a chairperson or co-chairs for each project working in partnership with a designated synagogue staff person.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to be president of Sisterhood,” noted Linda Fischer, president from 2015-17. “It gave me a new perspective on being an active participant in my Jewish community. The Miriam Initiative will allow us to keep the activities and projects that worked, create new activities and projects, and restructure to accommodate our busy lives.”

“From social justice to social gatherings — from the kitchen to the classroom — from repairing the world to repairing yourself, the possibilities for exciting, informative, timely, provocative and entertaining programming are endless,” said Design Team Member Joanie Jacobson.

The Miriam Initiative’s Design Team includes: Laurie Epstein, Linda Fischer, Pam Friedlander, Margie Gutnik, Joanie Jacobson, Patty Nogg, Shiri Phillips, Caryn Scheer, and Melissa Shapiro.