Today is February 22, 2018 -

Enchanted Circles

Registration for this session is closed. Contact the office at 402-492-8550 to get added to the wait list.

Enchanted Circles Comes to Beth El
By Ozzie Nogg

Dr. Liora (Lou) Lukas

Women in search of peace and calm in their everyday lives are invited to attend Enchanted Circles, offered by Beth El Synagogue and The Miriam Initiative on Monday evening February 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th. The program explores tools that create states of mindfulness, connection and deep inner peace within the noise and haste of modern life. Enchanted Circles run from 6:30 to 8:00 pm. in the synagogue chapel, and will be facilitated by its creator, Dr. Liora Lukas, a family physician and Palliative Care Specialist at Methodist Hospital.

“I’m a physician by day and spiritual explorer the rest of the time,” Dr. Lukas explained. “In my medical practice I walk the line between life and death with many patients and their families, so I’m familiar with the spiritual hunger many people experience in our consumer-driven society.

“I am Jew-by-choice,” Dr. Lukas continued, “having found that Judaism gives one the clearest path toward intellectual, spiritual and emotional growth. Enchanted Circles helps participants reclaim what’s important to them: clarity, confidence, courage, calm. In these four meetings we connect the best of modern neurobiology with Jewish tradition and ancient spiritual wisdom that, together, make us more centered. Joining with others we’ll create a supportive, trusting environment. No previous experience is needed to benefit from this practice.”

Participants will use three tools. Mindfulness: reducing the tyranny of our thoughts to create inner spaciousness; Inner Dialog: bringing peace to our ‘internal family’ — all the roles and voices that comprise our personality and ability to relate to the outside world; and Chant: using sacred text, melody and breath to align heart and mind. No “singing” is required.

“During this session, we’ll work with one of the daily morning prayers which includes the line, Elohai neshama shenatata be, tehora he,” Dr. Lukas said. “The Hebrew words mean ‘My God, the soul You have given me is pure.’ But often we lose connection to the purity and beauty of our souls because of the distractions of modern life. The awareness created during Enchanted Circles can be used at any time to return to a state of peace, and is especially helpful to create sacred space when we gather together in groups. I look forward to sharing these evenings with the women of Beth El.”

Enchanted Circles is offered at no cost. Space is limited to 12 participants. Registration is required by January 31. Click here to register. Click here to learn more about Dr. Lukas.

The Miriam Initiative is a new concept in women’s programming at Beth El — a series of ongoing projects and programs created, developed and presented by Beth El women. The Initiative welcomes all women who want to participate at any level from leadership to fellowship. Call the synagogue 402-492-8550 for more information.