Today is July 11, 2020 -

Life & Legacy

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Thank you to ALL donors who made their pledge and invested in the future of Beth El. Because of you, we hit our goal of $1 million in matching funds! We express our deep appreciation to everyone who has helped to ensure the future of Beth El Synagogue, by leaving a legacy that will continue beyond their lifetime.: Rabbi Steven and Shira Abraham, Mike and Sheri Abramson, Joyce Ashley, John Atherton and Marti Rosen-Atherton, Bob Belgrade, Sandra Belgrade, Michelle Byrnes, Dave & Karla Cohen, Ron and Cheryl Cooper, Deborah Denenberg, Norm and Eunie Denenberg, Tippi Dennenberg, Howard and Sharon Epstein, Yonathan and Liz Feldstern, Glen and Hollie Fineman, Bruce and Pam Friedlander, Sandy and Amy Friedman, the H. Lee and Carol Gendler Charitable Fund, Darlene Golbitz, Jay and Allison Gordman, Andy and Carole Greenberg, Barton Greenberg, M’Lee Hasslinger, Jon Jabenis, Joan Sandler Jacobson, Richard Jacobson, Sylvia Jess, Bea Karp, Marcel and Ilse Kahn, Myron Kaplan, Gloria Kaslow, Howard Kaslow, Donald S. and Delores Klein, Ari and Sara Kohen, Howard and Sharon Kooper, David and Shane Kotok, Janie Kulakofsky, David and Debi Kutler, Howard and Nancy Kutler, Scott and Felicia Littky, Neal and Jody Malashock, Stanley and Evelyn Mitchell, Allan and Janie Murow, Amy Nachman, Allan Noddle, Patty Nogg, Steve Nogg, Alan Parsow, Carol Parsow, Eric and Julie Philips, Steve and Marcia Pitlor, Alan Potash, Joel and Mary Rich, Phil and Diane Rich, Marty and Iris Ricks, Ari Riekes, Carl Riekes, Zoe Riekes, Margo Riekes, Steve Riekes, Lloyd and Debbie Roitstein, Ed and Carol Schneider, Mr. and Mrs. Ben Shapiro, Larry and Sherry Shapiro, Stanley and Norma Silverman, Nancy Skid, Steven and Marilyn Tipp, Irv and Gail Veitzer, Norman and Joodi Veitzer, Jim and Esther Wax, Jim and Sally Zipursky, Morley and Charlotte Zipursky, and several anonymous donors.

Life & Legacy is a partnership of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation and the Jewish Federation of Omaha Foundation that promotes after-lifetime giving to benefit the Omaha Jewish community. We hope you will consider making a gift to Beth El; your generosity will benefit our synagogue for generations to come. To become a part of Beth El Synagogue’s Legacy L ’Dor V’ Dor Society, click here to complete your Letter of Intent, or contact Beth El’s Life & Legacy chairman Joel Rich or our Executive Director for more information.