Today is April 23, 2017 -

Omaha Gives


Wednesday, May 25, from midnight to midnight OR… schedule your donation today and it will be processed on May 25. All donations must be made online at

WHY DONATE through

Beth El qualifies for bonus dollars*, participation prizes, & hourly drawings!

All gifts made during Omaha Gives! are 100% tax deductible.

Donors will receive an email confirmation receipt from the Omaha Community Foundation. Beth El will not send a separate receipt, so please retain this receipt for your tax records.


  • Pay your dues – dues are considered a charitable donation*
  • Donate to our Cemetery Expansion Campaign – or pay your second or third installment*
  • Just make a donation (minimum $10, no maximum!)
  • Spread the word – encourage others to donate to Beth El

*Contact the office if you plan to pay your dues or donate to the Cemetery Expansion Campaign so we earmark your donation for that purpose.

Need assistance? Call the office, we’re here to help!

**Not a dollar-for-dollar match. Omaha community foundation sponsors OmahaGives! They’ve raised funds called “Bonus Dollars.” Every participating non-profit keeps the money donated by their donors.  If an organization receives 1% of the total funds raised on May 25, they will receive 1% of bonus dollars available.

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