Today is July 14, 2020 -

– African-American & Jewish Connections in Music with Dr. Gabriel

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This course will examine how African-American and Jewish musicians, performers, directors and agents have influenced each other across time.  Hip-hop, pop, Broadway, jazz, Tin Pan Alley, and ragtime have all emerged with collaborations between African-American and Jewish creations. The course will involve brief lectures, listening to music, watching documentaries, reading academic articles and engaging in discussion.  Dr. Jeannette Gabriel, Director of The Schwalb Center for Israel & Jewish Studies at UNO who is teaching the course, said, “This course will both celebrate the positive interconnections between the two communities and also consider some of the complications of this relationship – including the history of blackface in vaudeville and tensions between African-American bands and Jewish owned record companies.”  Both groups went from being outsiders to becoming dominant forces in American music and this course will examine how exciting artistic collaborations helped propel African-American and Jewish musicians into the mainstream.

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