Today is August 17, 2017 -

Sunday Speakers

11:15 am – 12:15 pm

Join us to learn from local and national experts on a variety of topics within the Jewish world. The list of speakers and topics will continue to be updated, so check back often.

  • January 29, February 5, February 12 – Joan Latchaw, Phd
    Three-session course based on the works of Marge Piercy

    • January 29 – Tikkun Olam based on “The Art of Blessing the Day”
    • February 5 – Feminist contributions to American Culture
    • February 12 – Science fiction – What makes us human
  • February 19 – Dr. Gerald Steinacher
    The Red Cross and the Holocaust
  • February 26 – Dr. Robert Harris
    Our Scholar-in-Residence will speak on the topic: “Pshat and Derash Meet in a Dark Alley: The Seventy Facets of Torah”
  • March 5, 19, 26 – Marty Shukert
    Musical Midrash: An examination of various Jewish composers and songwriters and their works, centered on specific themes.

    • March 5 – “God as Inspiration”
      Today’s session will include the work of artists Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Randy Newman and Regina Spektor.
    • March 19 – “Text as Lyrics”
      This session will examine references to Hebrew texts and liturgy in music. In addition to Dylan, Cohen, Newman and Spektor, we’ll include modern composers Leonard Bernstein and Steve Reich, and subjects like the Akedah – the binding of Isaac – in unusual places.
    • March 26 – “Trains and other Unlikely Metaphors”
      The final session will consider a selection of not necessarily Jewish subjects that take on a different perspective in the work of Jewish writers. An example of this is a comparison of Randy Newman’s song, Dixie Flyer with Steve Reich’s Different Trains.
  • April 2 – JewAsian
    “JewAsian” Authors Helen Kiyong Kim and and Noah Samual Leavitt will speak on the topic, “Instilling Jewish Identity in Children.”
  • April 23 – Dr. Mark Celinscak
    Louis and Frances Blumkin Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies at University of Nebraska at Omaha 
  • May 7 – Dr. Baruch Feldstern
    “Critiquing the tradition from within” – Dr. Feldstern will share a central Rabbinic text and lead up to a short work by poet Zelda (Mishkovsky nee Schneerson, a cousin of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe).