Today is January 26, 2020 -


If you have changed your contact information: mailing address, telephone numbers or email address, please notify the school. Thank you.

To reduce the budgetary cost of first class postage, the majority of the school’s communication to parents will be through the BESTT PIN email newsletter, fliers both posted and handed out, and direct emails. The bulk of the school’s distribution of paper communication to parents will take place on Sunday mornings. If you have not supplied the office with a current email address, please do so. Should you change your email address during the course of the year, please keep the school informed of the change. If your child does not live with both parents, please make sure that BESTT is also given the updated contact information for the non-custodial parent as well.

We do expect that you respond and make reservations for special activities on time. We work hard to make every program a success and we really need to know how many will be participating.