Today is January 26, 2020 -

Discipline Policy

Students are expected to behave in a respectful manner towards their teachers and fellow students, and treat the school facilities in an appropriate fashion. We strive to create a safe environment where all students can participate and take an active role in their Jewish education. To that extent, each student is responsible for his/her own actions in and out of the classroom. Our faculty is prepared and eager to teach; we expect students to be equally prepared and eager to learn. Cooperation between students, staff and parents will increase the time spent productively studying Torah. Students should practice derech eretz (respect to others) and common sense at BESTT.

Students are expected to behave in a manner consistent with the well being of every member of the BESTT community. They must not disturb or distract their classmates, and they must respect other people and the property of one another and the school. Students must never imperil the safety of themselves or others.

In keeping with the emphasis on reason and cooperation, the procedures used in managing infractions of rules follow a counseling approach rather then a punitive one. They include teaching:

(a) Mutual respect and consideration
(b) Cooperative learning
(c) Respectful expression of disagreement
(d) Respect for individual differences
(e) Verbalization of Jewish values and ethics as applied to interpersonal relationships in classrooms
(f) Conflict resolution for teasing and bullying among students
(g) Social integration through classroom dynamics and school social functions
(h) Maintenance of a positive, interactive, fun environment to maximize learning

The following list of prohibited behaviors will result in immediate disciplinary action. This list serves as a guide for parents and is not meant to be comprehensive:

  • Disruptive or disrespectful behavior either in or out of the classroom.
  • Verbal abuse, threatening language or physical attack.
  • Vandalism, damage or abuse of school or synagogue property. Students and parents will be held financially responsible. Students may be asked to assist in the cleanup of any defacement of school or synagogue property.
  • Bringing or using tobacco products, alcohol, illegal substances or weapons to school will result in an immediate suspension. After investigation, expulsion may result.
  • Any verbal threats to inflict serious physical or emotional harm on another student or staff member will result in an immediate suspension subject to investigation. Depending upon the nature of the threat, the local authorities may be called to conduct such an investigation.
  • False accusations of a serious nature made by one student against another will receive equal disciplinary action to actual threats or abuses and may result in suspension following investigation.
  • Anything that can disturb other students or faculty, thereby disrupting the learning environment should be left at home. If used inappropriately during class time, such as unauthorized texting on cell phones, they will be stored in the BESTT office until the end of the school day and may require a parent to pick up.
  • Leaving the classroom or school grounds without permission is not permitted and will result in an immediate phone call to parents informing them of their child’s absence from the synagogue building. Beth El Synagogue cannot be held liable for a student who has left the school premises without permission.