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Due Process/Grievances

For Students and Parents

A grievance is a complaint involving the individual rights of a student or parent as it relates to the BESTT program, a complaint involving the conduct of another student or member of the staff, or a complaint arising from an interpretation or application of a BESTT policy or procedure. A grievance shall not include any matter which would infringe upon the principles of academic freedom as exercised by the teaching staff, such as the selection and presentation of subject matter or the evaluation of a student’s performance. Any aggrieved student or parent wishing to file a grievance shall do so in accordance with the following steps:

1. Informal – BESTT Staff
The student and/or parent will meet with the appropriate BESTT staff members and attempt to resolve the problem informally within five days of the specific incident precipitating the grievance.

2. Informal – Director of Congregational Learning
If the matter cannot be resolved in Step 1, the aggrieved party may request a meeting with the Director of Congregational Learning. The aggrieved party will meet with the Director of Congregational Learning to attempt to informally resolve the problem. If it cannot be resolved within 10 days of the meeting, the aggrieved party may proceed to Step 3.

3. Formal – BESTT Committee Chair
The aggrieved party may request to meet with the BESTT Committee Chair. The written request will indicate what the grievance is (refer to definition of a grievance). The Chair will meet with the aggrieved party and attempt to solve the problem within the limits of BESTT policy and within ten days. The formal decision will be in writing.

4. Formal – BESTT Committee
The aggrieved party may, within five days of receipt of the written decision in Step 3, request in writing to meet with the BESTT Committee at its next regularly scheduled meeting. The BESTT Committee, after hearing the complaint, will render its decision, which shall be final.