Today is January 18, 2020 -

Special Needs Instruction

In order to best serve your child’s educational, emotional and physical needs, the Director of Congregational Learning must be informed about any special needs your child may require. Whether the need be physical such as accommodating a broken arm or leg, dietary such as a food allergy, emotional, medical or educational, please provide as much information as possible about your child’s condition. All information will be kept strictly confidential.

The parent of any student who has an IEP (Individual Educational Plan) from secular studies is requested to provide an updated copy of that IEP to the Director of Congregational Learning to be kept in the child’s records each year and each time the IEP is updated. Any special educational accommodations noted in the secular report will also be implemented in the child’s religious school studies to better serve the child in our setting, through a private meeting with our special needs coordinator and the child’s teachers. Without an IEP, detailed instructions or a doctor’s note, it would be difficult for us to implement special methods or modifications for a student and a disservice to the student will result. The IEP meeting will provide everyone concerned with the child’s Jewish education to provide unified services to each child requiring them. Open communication between the home and our school best serves the needs of all students.

Students with documented special needs or those students who encounter difficulty learning Hebrew will receive additional tutoring during a pullout session with our special needs coordinator, Eileen Clignett, at no additional cost.