Today is January 26, 2020 -

Tichon Transfer: (End of Seventh Grade)

“Tichon Transfer” (end of Grade 7)
Tichon Transfer (formally known as Graduation) is a stepping up from Beth El Talmud Torah to Hebrew High. It is a joyous occasion that marks the culmination of a child’s elementary Jewish education. 7th grade students join the 12th grade to lead portions of the Shabbat service on Friday, May 1. The $25 per student fee covers such expenses as food, class photo, decorations and labor costs.

Grade 8 will meet with Hebrew High!
Tichon is the Hebrew word for high school.  Our rising 8th graders will transfer to be part of our Beth El Hebrew High next year, Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm. Please see the Hebrew High School section for more information.