Today is May 28, 2017 -


Days of Attendance
Sundays: Grades K-7
(9:45 am – 12:15 pm)
Wednesday Afternoons: Grades 3-7
(4:15 – 6:15 pm)
Wednesday Evenings: Grades 8-12
(6:45 – 8:30 pm)

The school year will be divided into 3 Trimesters:

  • Trimester I Aug. 28 – Dec. 21
  • Trimester II Jan. 8 – Mar. 29
  • Trimester III Apr. 1 – May 21
Babies, Bigger Kids & Bagels Playgroup
Drop in with your little one (babies to 30 months) and spend time with other parents. Join us in the nursery on the second Sunday of each month at 9:45 – 10:30 am. We’ll provide bagels and coffee. While your children play, take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to connect with other parents and create lasting friendships.
Shabbat’s Cool & Shul-Ins
Shabbat’s Cool:
Sep. 24 (K-7), Oct. 15 (3-7), Nov. 19 (K-7), Dec. 3 (3-7), Jan. 21 (K-7), Feb. 18 (K-7)Shul-IN: Grades 3-7 – Nov. 19Shabbaton: Grade 3-7 – March 24-26Shabbat’s Cool counts towards the
recommended attendance
on Shabbat.
The weekly program is for our littlest congregants!
Grades PreK-2 – parents welcome
10:45-11:45 am
Shabbat morning in the baby-sitting room, volunteers welcome.
Shabbat Attendance
Shabbat is essential to the soul of Judaism. We wish for all of our students to experience the flavors and joys of Shabbat. Click here to see the recommended number of services for each grade that leads towards Bar/Bat Mitzvah readiness.
Torah Tots
Twice a month
10:30 am-12:10 pm
See BESTT Activities Calendar
Class Combinations
The following grades will be combined for 2016-2017:
Grades 5&6.
  Contact Information
Please let us know if your email, primary telephone number, address or any other contact information has changed in the past 12 months.
Call 402-492-8550 or email Eadie Tsabari.
USY Bagel Sales Return
Bagels or Donuts will be on sale from
9:20 – 9:40 am every Sunday.
Friday Nights at Beth El
Something for everyone!
Family Shabbat for grades K-7, led by BESTT students,
Tot Shabbat for ages 0-6yrs
6:00 Service followed by dinner for all
See BESTT Activities Calendar for dates
Get your K-2 graders started in the
BESTT youth group in town. Let’s just see how much fun we can have. Mark your calendars for
Sunday, October 9 and February 12.
Details to follow.
BESTT/Friedel Jewish Academy Connection
Beth El students who attend the Friedel Jewish Academy should attend BESTT classes, grade level activities and events. These classes offer the optimal integration opportunities: Kindergarten (Sunday mornings), Judaic Studies classes, Junior Congregation for Grades 3-7, and Kibbutz Chaverim for grades 3-7.
Each class will have their own time to learn with their parents for a special Family Program. We encourage you to attend and be involved with your student’s class. See the BESTT Calendar for dates.