Today is January 26, 2020 -

– Friedel Jewish Academy

Jewish Academy Students and graduates (GRADES K-7)

 We are so proud of our Friedel Jewish Academy Beth El Synagogue members! We know that Friedel gives them the finest day school Jewish Education available in Omaha, Nebraska. Learning at Beth El Synagogue is an essential part of every child’s Jewish Education. The BESTT experience will compliment and build on the skills learned at Friedel. They will learn to be community leaders, get to know their clergy members and feel at home in their synagogue. It will assure your students that Jewish life doesn’t end at Friedel graduation but continues with Jewish learning, youth group activities and participation in synagogue life.

BESTT is very important for their Judaic knowledge, socialization and making sure that they are part of our synagogue community. This year we are implementing a new values curriculum that we know the Friedel students will enjoy. Last year we had nearly full participation by our Friedel students and it was a marvelous year. We want our Friedel students to take advantage of all of the Beth El Synagogue Talmud Torah (BESTT) programs. Friedel students have the following opportunities to study at Beth El:

  • Sunday morning Kindergarten – Grade 2
  • Congregation on Shabbat mornings Grades 3-7
  • All Shabbat’s Cool activities, Shul-ins and Shabbatonim
  • BESTT classes on Wednesdays and Sundays Grades 3-7

To be eligible for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah at Beth El Synagogue, a student must have been enrolled at BESTT from Grades 3-6 (and attending 2 days per week on a regular basis). Friedel Jewish Academy students are expected to attend BESTT. Kindergarten-Grade 2 students should be here on Sunday mornings. Grades 3-7 should be here on Sundays and Wednesdays.

In addition ALL STUDENTS must be enrolled in 7th grade, regardless of when the B’nai Mitzvah occurs.