Today is December 15, 2017 -

High School

BESTT High School of Jewish Studies

“Learning is achieved only in company.” – The Talmud

Upcoming Events

High School Students Invited to Family Chanukah Dinner
Featuring the USY Maccabee Gift Exchange
Wednesday, December 13 – No classes this evening
 6 pm
No cost for dinner for students in grades 7-12
RSVP to Amy required by Wednesday, December 6

Celebrate Chanukah with your friends from USY. The gift exchange will be a fun way to get to know everybody better, as we each participant must answer the following questions along with their RSVP by Wednesday, December 6: shirt size, favorite color, favorite snack, one thing you do not want, something people notice about you, favorite t.v. show/music/book/movie and what do you like to do after school? In order for this program to work, each participant must RSVP and answer the questions. Amy will pair everybody up for the gift exchange; gifts should cost no more than $10 each. Contact Amy with questions.

Winter Break
December 13 – January 3

Israel Trip – Grades 11-12
December 24 – January 4