Today is July 10, 2020 -

– High School Registration

2019-2020 High School Registration
Automatic Registration – No Forms to Fill Out!
Your student will be automatically registered for Hebrew High School unless otherwise advised. For Beth El families, we will charge your account $150 in August 2019 and $150 in January 2020.

Grades 8-12 $300 per student, per year
Non-Beth El Families $400 per student, per year


USY Grades 9-12 $125
Kadima Grade 8 $125
Kadima Grade 7 $0*

*You’re b’nai mitzvah certificate works!

Your student will be automatically registered for Youth group unless otherwise advised**. We will charge your account $62.50 in August 2019 and $62.50 in January 200.

Graduation Fee – 12th Grade Only
Graduation, Friday, May 1, 5:00 pm
Your student will be automatically charged $25 in January for graduation. The student graduation fee covers such expenses as food, class photo, decorations and labor costs .

Please update your Information in ChaverWeb: We have your basic information in ChaverWeb so you can save a few key strokes.  Please update the following information in ChaverWeb, which you can link to from Beth El’s homepage. You must login and go to Manage Profile to update the following:

General Information: Verify the address and cell phone numbers for each family member.

Education Information: Use the drop down menu and choose each student’s school.  This lets us know about public school calendars so we can work with them.

Emergency Information: Add two emergency contacts.

Medical Information: Add each child’s doctor and their phone number, in case of an emergency where we are unable to reach you.

*Please contact us for financial assistance if needed.
**You must let us know if you do not want to register your student by calling Eadie.