Today is July 22, 2017 -

Category II

A. Volunteer work
(Complete one or more of the activities below for a total of 20 hours)

  1.  Synagogue
  2.  BESTT (Teacher’s aide without pay or a special project)
  3.  Assist at Junior Congregation a minimum of 10 times per year.
    If arrival at the main service is 9:30 am, credit will be given for Shabbat services as well. Otherwise please arrive by 10:00 am.*
    If you continue to tutor at Junior Congregation, you will begin receiving your salary after the 10 weeks.  Please make arrangements with Eadie in advance if this is your plan.
  4.  Madrich/madricha for Kibbutz Chaverim/Kadima activities. You will receive one hour per event.
  5.  Lead services at the Rose Blumkin Jewish Home.

B. Participation at Beth El Synagogue Services
(choose 2)

  1. Chant Torah (2 times per year)
  2. Chant Haftarah (1 time per year) especially on your anniversary!
  3. Conduct portions of the Shabbat evening or morning service (2 times per year—check with Hazzan Krausman to see what qualifies)
  4. Assist Junior Congregation (a minimum of 5 times per year)*
  5. Shul-In or Shabbaton Madrich/Madricha for 3rd-7th grade overnight
    Saturday-Sunday, Nov 19-20, Saturday-Sunday or Friday-Sunday, March 24-26
  6. Plan and run Last Day of School activities
  7. Other (with the approval and permission of advisor)

* Hours will count for either A3 or B4 but not both.