Today is July 23, 2017 -

Category IV

  1. Meet with advisor in person for a scheduled appointment once during the fall (by November 13), winter (by February 12), spring (by April 23) to evaluate progress to date. Meetings need to be scheduled at least one week before deadline – don’t wait till the last minute.
  2. Complete and submit your mentored project by May 5.
  3. Complete the following activities:
    3 requirements in Category I
    20 hours from Category IIA
    2 activities from CategoryIIB
    1 choice from Category III
  4. Receive positive evaluations from Beth El Synagogue High School of Jewish Studies and OJC teachers in the areas of participation, attendance and conduct.

The BESTT Merit Scholarship Committee reserves the right to change and amend this program as it deems necessary and proper.