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Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger;

Our Mission

  • To provide for people who are hungry while at the same time advocating for other ways to end hunger and its causes;
  • To educate and raise the consciousness of the Jewish community regarding its obligation to alleviate hunger and its causes; and to make donating a portion of the cost of life cycle events (historically at least 3%) to MAZON a permanent tradition in Jewish life.


Bar or Bat Mitzvah Program;

AMIT cares for more than 26,000 children in Israel. Many do not have families with whom to celebrate, with whom to share life’s experiences, with whom to plan the milestone of a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Many have families living below the poverty line. Some are children of immigrants who are struggling to make their way in a new homeland.

Yad Eliezer is Israel’s Largest Poverty Relief Agency.

We Make a Difference. So Can You.

Yad Eliezer began in 1980 in the kitchen of the Weisel family of Jerusalem. They prepared a food basket for a neighbor who could not feed her children, and were soon delivering monthly food baskets to hungry families. Yad Eliezer has now grown to encompass nineteen primary economic and social service programs that impact tens of thousands of individuals.

Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Project

Yad LaKashish;

  • a non-profit organization empowering and supporting over 300 elderly Jerusalem residents on a daily basis.
  • Great source for Tallitot, gifts etc.

B’nai Mitzvah in Israel

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