Today is July 12, 2020 -

Welcoming the Stranger

“You shall love the stranger, for you were once strangers in the land of Egypt.” (Deuteronomy 10: 19)

 A Few More Needs Requested by Wednesday, February 27

On Sunday, February 24, the apartment for the incoming refugee family came to life. Furniture was put in place, bedrooms were assembled and the kitchen was set up. Thank you to everyone who stepped up to donate items! The apartment looks beautiful! During the move-in process, team members discovered that additional items were needed. If you are able to help, please sign up below. This list also includes the few remaining unclaimed items from the first list. All items must be at Beth El Synogogue by Wednesday at 4:00 pm. Thank you for your help welcoming our new neighbors to our community.

Click here to donate

Donations Requested by Sunday, February 24

Please join us as we welcome our new refugee family to Omaha! Our job is to fill their apartment so the family of four can comfortably begin their new lives in their new home. All items can be new or gently used unless specified. Note that our time frame is short, and the deadline to bring items to Beth El Synagogue is Sunday, February 24, unless noted.

Click here to see the list of items needed and to sign up for the items you’d like to donate. Cash donations are also welcome.

Thank you for your help in this worthwhile mission.

Karen Family Arriving in Omaha on February 28, 2019

Beth El is sponsoring a Karen family (Burmese) of four that will be arriving in Omaha on February 28. Dad is 28 years old, mom is 21 years old and two children, a daughter almost 6 years old and a son just shy of 2 years old.

LFS is working on housing accommodations and expects to identify a 2 bedroom apartment. Our role will be similar to what we did with the Aljasem family from Syria. We will divide up into 4 teams. A procurement team will source and collect furniture, appliances, accessories, kitchen utensils, linens, towels to furnish the apartment. A second procurement team will source and collect culturally appropriate groceries, toiletries other household items and clothing. A third team will arrange for welcoming at the airport on day of arrival and introduction to Omaha, as well as arrange for a culturally appropriate first meal. The final team will offer post arrival support. This will consist of mentoring, friendship and support and organizing weekly visits with the family for the first 3-6 months.

If you have any questions about how you can help, contact Chair Allan Murow at Once again, we have a short window and welcome all of your participation.