Today is July 15, 2020 -

Volunteer for Beth El

Beth El strives to provide diverse programming and services for all of our congregants, and we couldn’t do it without help from our dedicated volunteers. Click above to learn more.

Make Some Calls for Beth El
You don’t need to be a committee chair to get involved… Just say yes to making some calls to help with any of these worthwhile projects:

  • Gan Shalom
    Volunteers call members to sell the brick pavers in our Peace Garden outside the BESTT school entrance.
  • Tree Of Life
    Volunteers call members celebrating simchas & milestones (Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, retirements, anniversaries, etc.), to buy leaves for our Tree of Life.
  • Books for Beth El
    Volunteers call members who might be interested in purchasing prayer books, Hebrew School books, etc., to donate in lieu of centerpieces at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or to commemorate other occasions.
  • Memorial Plaques
    These volunteers have the sensitive duty of calling the families of our deceased members to make arrangements for the purchase of memorial plaques.
  • Buy Beth El
    Volunteers make calls to Beth El members and others to encourage them to purchase Beth El gift cards for participating area stores.
  • Kiddush Sponsorships
    Volunteers call members who have upcoming simchas and encourage them to sponsor a Saturday Kiddush.

Beth El will provide lists of people to call, training and assistance. Interested? Call Marilyn Tipp, 402.238.3366; or our Executive Director, 402.492.8550.